Anxiety and this COVID yikes!!!!

Ughh.. I am about over this covid shit. As person with anxiety and dealing with this for the past 6 months has drove me bat shit crazy. Hell even a person without anxiety I am sure its driving them crazy.

As a person who works in the restaurant business and dealing with this has been so stressful. Alot of people dont understand how awful it is to wear a mask for 8 hours and clean your hands to the point of being raw. I understand it all and completely agree with what we have to do. But just when you think it was almost over or somewhat back to normal it has come back in full force.

What are restaurant people suppose to do. Work or dont work if you arent comfortable working in that kind of enviroment. Or you just cant due to someone you are taking care of or because of an issue you have yourself. Its been a struggle for so many people. I get it people are just suppose to do what you shouldve been taught as a kid. Wash your damn hands be clean. You wouldnt think that should be so hard, but yes it is. I have seen some of the craziest shit during this time.

I apologize for going off topic really in this blog today. Just so frustrated. When I go to work and customers that come in and dont respect what you are suppose to be doing and you are doing everything you are suppose to do it just pisses me off. People will come in with no mask and say you cant tell me what to do. Yea you are right but you are walking into a public place and nobody really wants to be wearing a mask, social distancing etc, but guess what you have to if you ever want this shit to go away. Yes it is a pain in the ass and I totally agree with some of the bitching people do about it. I never thought I would have a collection of mask to wear and pick a different one out each day. Its part of my outfit anymore. But here we are doing what we gotta do. I do it for my job and for other people around me. Taking a chance of it affecting someone I care about or a complete stranger isnt worth it to me. It may not affect me as it would the next person. So to end this bitch session today with a point is maybe just maybe if we can all suck it up ( granted I know its been awhile) for just alittle bit longer and do everything we are suppose to do this thing will go away for good. And be extra kind when you go out to eat or just to have a few drinks somewhere. We are there risking ourselves and our families because it is our livelihood and we really dont like any of this shit either we are just doing our job trying to survive day to day like everyone else.

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