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Fuck this shit…

Ughh sorry for the topic. But geezz I couldnt be more over it sometimes. Between what the world is coming to and just my life all mixed in one. Do u ever just to get a point of fuck it. Fuck my job , my family , my spouse just everything. I am so luckyContinue reading “Fuck this shit…”

Back at it again..

Hello everyone.. back to it again its been a minute. Had alot going on like im sure the rest of you have these days. OKay well I am going to just jump right into it. Havent been doing alot of what I use to do including writing in this blog. Which in some weird wayContinue reading “Back at it again..”

Still got my mojo 🙂

Afternoon everyone. If you read my blog from yesterday you can tell I was feeling some kind of way. In a good way. It still has followed thru to today. My anxiety is getting better and better again. Its only been a week since my epic peace out from my job but I just feelContinue reading “Still got my mojo :)”

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