Why am I here again. I ask myself about a million times a day. Yet another attempt on the sober train. I don’t wanna jump off this train but damn it’s been one hell of a damn ride and it’s only been 30 days. Yup I wanted to write that out instead of saying a month. Makes it feel different I guess.

Between the overwhelming anxiety and boredom on a daily basis , the loneliness of it all is getting me the most. I know I know u gotta change your enviroment. Which includes people and places I would normally hang out with or go in my alcohol induced daily routine. That basically leaves me staying at home. That’s all I’ve known and surrounded myself with for the past 25 years of my daily drinking escapades. So yea I’m at the WTF stage of this right now. Like wtf was I thinking, doing or the people I was hanging out with. My sober brain is so fucking confused right now , like wtf is this reality we r doing now.

“not drinking is the easy part of sobriety. Sitting with feelings is the real challenge. That’s where the work is “

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