Back at it again..

Hello everyone.. back to it again its been a minute. Had alot going on like im sure the rest of you have these days.

OKay well I am going to just jump right into it. Havent been doing alot of what I use to do including writing in this blog. Which in some weird way has been better than therapy for me. Well I will just list off a few.. menopause, broke, kiddo living in hawaii gaining about 30 pounds more gray hair than ever!! looking like a silverback gorilla these days. Lost alot of friends( or so called friends) this past year. Did i mention Im broke. And i am truly surprised I am not single yet with how crazy I have been. Hubby is really not impressed with me these days. And looking back at my typing my punctuation and grammar could use some work.

With all that being said my anxiety is back and stronger than ever. Fuck me. Thats what I say almost every morning I get out of bed. And truly I have so much more to be happy about than complaining about. I am just stuck on the bad stuff right now. I just want to runaway and go for a screaming vacation. I just get a hotel room and scream out all my frustration!! But that would probably end up a worse situation like cops being called or something along those lines. Is this what happens in life when u get older, is this it. Just having to accept and just deal with stuff that comes your way, even though doing that still makes u unhappy. I hate this getting old shit. Its for the birds !!!! But there I ago again just focusing on the worst of my situation. It is a priveledge to grow older. I just havent accepted all that has come with it yet. My body changing son getting older my bitching list could go on forever and forever. So heres my question for anyone reading this blog. Is this it? I dont wanna be that old bitchy lady that everyone avoids. How have any of u guys handled similar situations?

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