Still got my mojo :)

Afternoon everyone. If you read my blog from yesterday you can tell I was feeling some kind of way. In a good way. It still has followed thru to today. My anxiety is getting better and better again. Its only been a week since my epic peace out from my job but I just feel so much better. Like a load has been taking off my shoulders. I am beginning to realize how toxic that place has been on me and the affects it was having on me. My anxiety was at an all time high constantly there felt great when I was home but as soon as it came time to work it was like my body knew it and just started panicking and anxiety was awful. Like my body was going to war mentally and physically. Just feel like I have a chance to restart myself and getting to find myself all over again. I appreciate anyone that takes the time out to read this. My advice right now at this moment in life not that your asking but here it goes. Take that chance be happy even it scares you. Its out there and knowing yourself and being happy with that and content is the best reward in life !!!!

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