WTF have I done…

Morning to all.. Yea the topic of this blog probably still wont be what I intended on it being from the very beginning. If you have read my previous blog so much has changed. Quitting my job relationship struggles and getting older.. Yikes now that I type it out like that maybe that WTF have I done does really seem to fit my life right now.

Well I will first start with saying sorry for anyone that does read my blog in hopes to get some kind of insight or help with their anxiety. I promise to be back to normal. I think.. lol. I am venturing out today to fill out applications and kind of put some normalcy back in my life if thats possible right now. I mean who is going to hire a 42 year old bartender. Talk about my anxiety coming back full force geeezzz. I know I am great at what I do but is it really something I want to continue to do forever??? I obviously quit my job for a reason and I know I have to make $$ just scary starting over I guess. I have to keep motivating myself everyday and stay as positive as I can thats all I can do. But sometimes it is nice to have some outside motivation and a pep talk. Maybe thats why I feel the need to be posting this in hopes of maybe hearing stories of people that maybe have went thru the same thing and have some good advice. I would so appreciate anything right now. Thank you to whomever is taking the time to read this and maybe leave me a comment about what you have been thru as far as struggles and how you made it thru it.

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