Accept it….

Morning everyone.. Well here I go again. By now u either think who is this crazy anxiety ridden person ( which I totally get by the way) or it may be helping u some way. Hopefully its good either way , a good laugh or like I said helping.

Well accepting you have anxiety is alittle tricky. It can be like any other illness that people dont see on the outside so they dont think there is anything wrong with u really. Like why cant you just go and talk to this person why cant you just meet me for lunch its just us. I have had endless questions from friends and family that they didnt understand when I said it gives me anxiety to where I cant handle it. But none the less eventually on this crazy weird adventure of rediscovering myself as a person with anxiety is accepting it even if other people dont.

Accepting the fact that I am that person with anxiety and actually not fighting it anymore helped me tremendously thru this. I finally didnt care if my family or friends didnt understand what I was going thru. I barely did myself all I know is its something I have and I am not going to let it define me as a person anymore. I am not the only one who is going thru this there are millions of people out there who are going thru it as well. I googled and googled so many times reading stories of people that were going thru exactly what I was going thru. It was almost comforting didnt make me feel like such an outcast or something was horribly wrong with me. And there is definetly hope and a light at the end of this tunnel. Also having a great support system is super helpful. Very few of my friends or family understand it which I dont expect them to. But you will find a bit of comfort in some people or even just one person who will just be there for you and not care. They wont make you feel like something is wrong with they will be by your side no matter what. And if you have one person who does that for you and they accept you the way you are then you are winning in this.

Anxiety isnt weakness. Living with anxiety , turning up and doing stuff with anxiety, takes strength most will never know.

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