My everyday.. Day

Hi there.. My name is Aaron and I suffer from severe anxiety( use to I should say) on an everyday basis. Hoping to help anyone out there going thru the same thing. Later on in this blog I will share with you what has helped me thru my everyday anxiety. But first let me tell you more about myself and what I use to go thru.

Well here I go. As soon as i would wake up in the morning it almost instantly started. The thoughts that would go thru my head for no reason. “what if I get pulled over on my way to work” “what if a customer wants to have a longer conversation with me” ” what if someone asks me a question and I dont have the answer to it” The WHAT-IFs can go on and on for me. Believe it or not I am a bartender and have been for some time now. That doesnt help my social anxiety. Well I finally about 8 or 10 years ago decided to go to my doctor and see what they say. So they put me on xanax. Which at the time was a lifesaver I thought. I thought omg I can be normal. I can carry on a converstation with a complete stranger I can stop bailing out on my invites to places. I was so excited. But unfortunetly it didnt. My thoughts and anxiety were still there. Just the same as ever. But I continued to take them just to see if they took longer to take effect for me. That was about 6 years ago. At my worse and most desperate times to be “normal” I was drinking a beer and taking a xanax every morning before I would go to work. Awful right ?? Looking back at that now I cant believe I was this way. Especially now since I am no longer taking any kind of medicine for anxiety and I feel better than ever.

Just to make it clear I am not trying to sell you anything at all or tell you there is a quick way to get rid of anxiety. Because its not that easy. I hope thru this blog I can help as many people as I can. I know how it feels. I felt alone and ashamed of something I couldnt control. My goal in this is to help people feel like they are living their best life and nothing not even anxiety is going to hold you back.

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